Why We Love Lighting

It’s no surprise that we’re big lighting fans here at IlluminateCo, and we’d like to explain just why we’re so obsessed! Here are the top five reasons why we love lighting.

It creates a mood

A dimly lit room can help you wind-down after a long day, bright overhead lights will keep you energized even if it’s gloomy outside, and desk lamps will light only your work area to help you stay focused. Having several lighting options in each room can help you set the tone for whatever your mood is!

It makes your home feel more inviting

Have you ever walked into a home that feels more like a dungeon? They probably weren’t making good use of their natural or artificial lighting. Warm lights help make your home more inviting and make your guests feel comfortable.

It helps highlight features you love

A light source immediately draws attention to your favourite pieces. Try a lamp over your statement chair or backing lighting your bookshelf with an Illuminate Strip. 

It can divide a room into different zones

This is especially important in small, open rooms that need to sectioned-off. Try using multiple bulb tones like warm and cool lights to make the difference in areas more prominent.

It can be a work of art

A lighting piece itself can be a work of art. Think chandeliers, light sculptures, and glowing wall art. Light art is unique, eye-catching, and usually down-right impressive!

Why not add these to your home? 

Premium, Luxury Feel, Minus the Cost and Complexity.