illuminate is a start-up cultivated to bring inspirational and innovative products to your doorstep! The original home of the best rated LED motion sensored strips. Modern Design & Practicality, with no complexity. 

Our Story

I've always been the type to launch innovative and out there designs. With a passion for home design and that luxury feel, I thought what could I do to bring the that same feeling to the rest of us who don't have millions sitting in our account, for a fraction of the price.

After a drive down a luxury estate here in London, a lifelong love for aesthetics, lighting and design was confirmed. This then, just made sense. It solves a problem yet is elegant.

Admittedly, I thought it was such an urk to turn on the light every time I walk in to the room (first world problems, right?) anyway, I wanted hollywood treatment, the spotlights on as soon as I walk in... Jokes aside...

illuminate was a product we developed for many a reason, main reason being convenience, need that midnight snack? or that whatsitcalled out of your car boot? or just want to feel like a king or queen walking down your steps? We've got you covered.

So What's SO Special About illuminate?

From illuminating paths for the elderly, adding those finishing touches to your kitchen, to lighting up that mini-van on your cross country trip. The uses are as limited as your imagination! 

- Motion Sensored

- USB Recharging

- High Quality Craftsmanship

- It's Better for the environment (preserve household energy) and don't break your bank on the electricity bill. 

- Produces a beautiful ambient light

We continually work to bring new products like this to the market, of course we are working on expanding in to coloured LED's, mood lighting, outdoor lights and much more exciting things... 

Everything we do is centered around our main mission:

"to inspire and breed creativity"

We are based in the UK, London to be specific! We are currently working on getting our UK warehouse back up (see COVID-19 Update) So at this time we are shipping from our international warehouses.

Thank You for your support on our journey! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our team at [email protected]

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Thank You! 💡💛

- The illuminateCo team

You don't need to be an interior designer to renovate your home.  💡