Why Use Illuminate?

“The light it gives off is 'ambient white' - similar to actual bulbs - which I prefer as "bright white" tends to hurt my eyes. It's easily bright enough to light up cupboards though and does the job well.” 

"I bought this for my mother, she lives alone, and I'm always worried about her safety, I installed 6 of these around the home, including the stairwell. We prefer it to an actual light due to convenience and safety, the automatic sensor is a lifesaver. Well worth the price, what does peace of mind cost?" 

Where is illuminateCo Based?

We are a start-up based in the UK, London to be specific! We are currently working on getting our UK warehouse back up (see COVID19 Update) So at this time we are shipping from our international warehouses.

How do they turn on/off & Install?

Illuminate is a motion sensor ball in the middle of the LED Strip, it senses motion within 2 Meters, and it automatically turns off after 15 seconds if no motion is detected! 

Our smart mounting design allows hassle-free Installation, packed with 2 small magnetic pieces, which you just Peel to reveal the adhesive and Stick on to any surface, then simply attach the Light magnetically.

Plus, you could save up to 30% household energy by using illuminate, think of all the money you'd save without having to turn on a light on every room you enter, especially in the middle of the night! Unique Solution & a Sleek design 💡

Can I put them anywhere in my home? (bathroom, outside etc.)

Illuminate can be put everywhere in the home. At this time it is not waterproof so they should not be used in environments exposed to moisture/water. Unless it's used under shelter (for example deck stairs with a roof or in a balcony) We're working on an outdoor version! Follow us for updates on that.

What are the two modes & how does it charge?

Motion SensingThis means its set to turn on within the sensing range 
Always On - A manual override to keep the light on for as long as you need

They charge via USB cable provided with illuminate, which can plug in to any device or adapter!

General FAQ
My Light won't turn on/is faulty, what do I do?

illuminate is motion sensored, and is auto off during the day to preserve energy, this means it wont come on during the day unless its put in a dark space, if you're having trouble turning it on, hit the button on the side to switch it from Always On or Motion Sensing. It has a 120 degree sensing range so once put in place, it will be able to detect you when walking toward it or opening a closet etc. Please make sure you're in a dark environment when testing it, and that it is fully charged with the USB Cable. If problems continue to occur then please send us a video via email or social media and our team would be happy to help! 🙂


Once an order is placed, our warehouse staffs can pack and ship out your order within 24 hours, so it's not always possible to process address change requests. If you notice an error, please email us ASAP with your name and order # so we can try to make a correction(s) to your package before it departs. There's no guarantee we can make it, especially once it leaves our warehouse, but we'll do everything we can!


Our warehouse processes and ships out all orders Mondays-Fridays (excluding major holidays). After placing your order, your package should be shipped out within 4-6 business days after your order is placed, and you will receive an email with the tracking number soon after!

Royal Mail is our primary carrier for customers in the UK, Depending on where you live we may otherwise use our other partner couriers. During COVID-19 items are delivered within 5-7 days from the date of shipment. We are working on improving our supply chain continuously here at illuminateCo, our UK warehouses should be up and running in a few months!


Depending on the size of your order you may receive separate packages that may possibly arrive 1-2 business days apart.


If your items are out of stock, we will send you an email to let you know when we expect to have the items shipped out by. If the items are not expected to be restocked within 2 weeks, we will just automatically refund you for those items.

Bulk Ordering?

Please visit out Bulk Orders page for more information on bulk ordering with us


We now ship internationally for free! You will receive your shipment 5-20 days after the order is shipped. All orders are shipped out within 4-6 business days.


We apologize that your shipment didn't arrive in perfect condition! Please contact us with your name and order number for further assistance.


When we dispatch your order from our warehouse we will send you tracking information 7 days after your purchase for your order via email.

Do I get charged an import fee/additional fee?
Nope! what you see is what you get with us, no hidden fees or additional costs.

We answer messages and emails in the order they are received and we try to respond as promptly as possible. We mostly reply within 24 hours of receiving a message or email. 

typical response time is 24hrs 

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Thank You! 💛

- The illuminateCo Team