How To Layer Lighting

Are you looking to add a touch of drama to your home, turning it into the cover of a magazine? We have a secret for you when it comes to effectively elevating your space. Layered lighting is the use of multiple lighting types to create a cohesive and balanced look. There is no single lighting fixture on the market that can provide everything you need to successfully illuminate your space. That’s where layered lighting comes in, transforming your room from a bright and productive work space to a dim and cozy home theater. Here are a few steps to dress up your home with layered lighting.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the general illumination that allows you to perform day-to-day activities in your home. Start with natural light from windows and skylights during the day. Next, focus on overhead lighting like flush mounts or semi-flush mounts, recessed lighting, chandeliers, or ceiling fans with a light. 

Accent Lighting 

Accent lighting can add your personal style and a unique visual to any room, while highlighting architectural features or providing a centerpiece. To maximize impact, be sure your accent lighting is three times brighter than surrounding ambient lighting. Common accent lighting options include wall sconces, decorative pendants, and picture lighting. 

Task Lighting 

Whether you are getting ready in your bathroom, finishing up a project at your desk, or attempting a new recipe in your kitchen, task lighting is important in creating a functional space made for getting things done. A few examples to try include under cabinet lighting, a desk, table, or floor lamp, or a vanity light.


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