2021 Design Trends You Need to Try

Keeping up with home trends can be difficult - so we've rounded up the top styles you need in your home this year. Elevate your space with these tips.


Utilize indoor-outdoor transition spaces

Screened or covered patios make this trend easy, but they’re not necessary to create an easy transition from inside to outside. Use outdoor couches and heaters to make a cozy spot right just beyond the door, before reaching your patio furniture or pool. 

Use contrasting styles

While cohesion is important in design, consider taking some risks with a few contrasting pieces. Try different colours, textures, and patterns such as florals and stripes. 

Install Highlight lighting

Place spotlights aiming above or below your favourite artwork, plant, or bookshelf. An extra glow will highlight the pieces you want to show-off. Try our sleek Illuminate Strips for a subtle, elegant look.

Add Earthy textures with luxury elements

Luxury and comfort is on-trend and here to stay. Combine this look with earthy textures such as jute rugs and linen blankets.


Try Grandmillennial style pieces

Traditional meets modern. Add tasteful antique pieces such as a vintage velour couch or antique brass mirror.  

Why not add these to your home? 

Premium, Luxury Feel, Minus the Cost and Complexity.