Closet Redesign Tips

Ready to reorganize and redesign your bedroom's closet? First step, purge all of last year’s (not-so-great) trends! Step two, make new closet plan. Here are a few ideas we love!

Install adjustable furnishings 

Make your wardrobe more functional with shelves that can be raised or lowered, and rods that are easily added and removed. Now you can switch out your winter and summer clothes with less hassle! 


Adjustable Shelves


Use shelves to hold your shoes

Make a DIY shelving unit with a tall bookcase in your closet to keep your shoes organised. Add floating shelves outside your closet to show off your favourites. 




Add a light source

Lighting is both functional and trendy! Place lights under shelves for a luxury look or in dark spaces so you can always find what you’re looking for. Of course we love motion-sensor lights in our closet - they're only on when needed!


Closet Lighting



Turn your unused closet into a nook

Find yourself with extra closet space? Turn it into a reading nook, vanity space, or work area!  


Closet Nook



Don’t waste wall space

Use the back of your closet door or the side of a shelving unit to hang hooks for accessories like scarves or purses!


Closet Organization

Consider removing your door 

Make your closet a part of the décor by removing the door! It opens up your space and shows-off your style. Tip: replace your door with a curtain so you can easily hide your closet when needed! 


Closet Curtain

Why not add these to your home? 

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