Adhesive Magnets - For illuminateStrips®


A Batch of 10 double-sided magnets, specifically for the illuminateStrips®, a stronger premium build that latches on seamlessly. 

For easy portability around the home or just to keep with you in case your magnets lose adhesive (not to worry, they are quality checked before sent out ✅)

Simply Peel the adhesive back, and stick it on to the surface, so the metal is facing outwards, then you can attach the illuminateStrip® light magnetically with ease!  🧲

Made for efficiency. Save on your energy bill and cancel that electrician job...install in minutes for a lifetime of compliments.

We've gone paperless! To help the environment & to protect our customers during these times, we don't ship our products with paper manuals that get thrown away 30 seconds after anyway, below we have a comprehensive PDF guide on how to install/use all of our products correctly so it's crystal clear for you!

Inside this thorough PDF guide you can find FAQs to most of your concerns please take a look inside and use the contents page to find what you're specifically looking for.

Here's PDF guide you can access at anytime 💡 

Click Here for the New & Updated PDF 



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