Transform Your Staircase with Lighting

Staircases are often overlooked, but when decorated properly, they become an elegant addition to your home's design. Read our tips below to transform your staircase!

Add Wall Lighting

Lighting hung along the walls of the staircase draws the eye up. Try adding a sculpture wall piece, or a more simple light combined with a wall hanging. 

Highlight your steps

Add lighting under your steps for an elegant and practical look. Use IlluminateStrips® for motion sensor lights - your lights will turn on with every step! 


Install low lighting

Place lighting along the bottom wall of your stairs about every 4 steps. This is a great addition for families with children to double as a nightlight. Try our Halo lights - they're small and motioned sensor!

Why not add these to your home? 

Premium, Luxury Feel, Minus the Cost and Complexity.