A Simple Guide To Designing Your Outdoor Space

With the right design, your yard or patio could easily become your favourite spot hang out! We’ve put together some tips that are sure to inspire your inner landscaper.

  1. Design with weather in mind

Don’t limit your outdoor time to temperate months. Plan for rain, cold, or heat because these tend to be the times we need an outdoor oasis the most! Install a firepit for cold months, a fan for summer, and an umbrella for rainy times. This may seem like a no-brainer but it’s all too easy to stay indoors when you don’t have the right equipment. 

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  1. Light the space for night-time use

Lighting in outdoor spaces should be both aesthetic and practical. Hang string lights over furniture and back-light your favourite planter for a dramatic look. Line your steps and walkways, and hang solar-powered lights near doorways for safety at night.

  1. Don't forget the plants

Plant flowers and bushes along the house and near your seating area. Or use decorative plants for a less permanent option. A few plants can make a big difference in the look of your yard. Check what types of plants thrive in your area before planting! 

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  1. Keep it comfy

Weatherproof furniture has come a long way - gone are the days of metal chairs! You’ll want to enjoy your time spent outside so choose comfort when looking for furniture. Think chaise lounges, chairs with cushions, and hammocks. 

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