Top 5 Decor Trends (right now!)

Want that Instagram-worthy look but don't know where to start? Try our curated picks of the top home decor trends happening right now - we're sure you (and your followers!) will love them. 


1. Retro Vintage

Time to hit the antique store because vintage is trending.  Use bright colours and abstract shapes for a funky, fun look. Or try a statement lamp and dark-coloured velvet fabrics for a mature look. Either way - we're loving this look!


2. Layer Patterns

The word "clash" has a new connotation and we're here for it! Put up some abstract wallpaper, hang your brightest paintings, and lay a striped rug. This trend has no limits.


3. Natural Lighting

This trend never goes out of style. Take down your curtains and add mirrors to brighten up your living spaces. Natural lighting is great for your home aesthetic and your mood!


4. Nature-Inspired Design

Lean into nature with natural wood finishings, neutral colours, and plenty of plants. This decor style is calming and refreshing!

5. Textured Fabrics

Fabrics shouldn't be limited to blankets! Add a velvet, boucle, or sherpa lounge chair or sofa to the mix. You'll love the cozy feeling and dynamic look.

Why not add these to your home? 

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