Tips for Successful Spring Cleaning

Let’s face it, after spending so much time at home, it’s likely time for a major purge.  Spring cleaning is just what you need to get your home in shape for the year ahead. Try these tips to make your house organized and tidy.  


Take it room by room

Don’t try to tackle this all in one day - pick one or two rooms every weekend to make sure you’re getting a real deep clean.  No space is too small! We all have that one drawer that we dread opening because who knows what’s even in there. Taking your time will allow you to get to even the small spaces clean.


Make a plan before you start

You may want to start with a larger task like garages and basements. This will free up space for storage items from your home. Try to clean to spaces while you’re reorganizing so that you can maximize time. 


Purge your stuff 

Closets and drawers tend to be the biggest culprits of hoarding junk. Start by taking everything out and organizing your things into four categories - trash, donate, keep, and storage. Don’t forget to get a deep clean in while your space is emptied!


Invest in some storage containers

Baskets, drawer organizers, and shoe racks are all great for storing your thing. Try labeling your seasonally stored bins so you always know where your items are. 


Do some serious scrubbing

While removing necessary is an important part of spring cleaning, we can’t neglect the actual cleaning part. So get your gloves and use some elbow grease. Move furniture and rugs to make sure every area gets a wash. It's also a great time to replace filters in your home!

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