4 things to consider when choosing lighting fixtures for your bathroom

While the design concept as a whole for your bathroom is exciting to get into, it’s also important to consider the lighting of this room.  Here are some tips to help you make a decision for what you need in terms of lighting:


Evaluate the amount of lighting needed

First, assess what you already have in terms of natural light and fixed wall pieces. If you have a window and tons of natural light, then you won’t have the same needs in terms of lighting as someone who has no natural light at all in their bathroom.



Tone of the lighting

The tone of the light you should go for will be different depending on what atmosphere you are trying to create but also based on functionality. If you tend to spend a lot of time grooming yourself in your bathroom, such as plucking your eyebrows or applying makeup, then a strong and white light will be crucial for you. 

If prefer your bathroom to be a sanctuary where you can relax with a bath after a long day, then a more yellow and warmer light can do the job. Most people will want a combination of both to make the room more functional!

Placement of lighting 

Choosing where exactly you want to put your lighting fixtures is next. Do you want to have a fixture on your ceiling or would you rather contour your vanity with lighting?  Or both? Figure out what exactly feels more functional for you and what matches the design concept you have in mind.

Set a budget and choose your favourite pieces!

Decide if you should be splurging or saving on these lighting fixtures. Choosing a a fixture can be overwhelming given the enormous amount of alternatives to choose from, so having a budget in mind will help you narrow down your options. 

Once that is figured out, the fun part begins; time to choose the lighting fixtures! Whether you are looking for an abstract shape fixture or a minimal bar, choose the fixtures that will complete the design concept you are going for. 


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