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A beautiful addition, adding the finishing touches to your home, make a statement and create the mood in any room. Luxury Feel, without the luxury price tag.


Who wants to do the macarena just to turn on a light... Illuminate® is of handcrafted premium quality, built to last. Automatically sensing your presence with a 120-degree sensing range and a 2-meter sensing distance.

With 10 energy-saving LED's. Plus it stays off during the daytime to preserve energy! 


Whether you seek a Warm Glow in the night or a Chic, Modern White feel, we've got you covered. Renovation & mood creation, illuminate your home!


DURABILITY, PORTABILITY & RESOURCEFUL. It's a perfect choice to be used in the Attic, Basement, Car, your Child's Room, Kitchen, Closet, Stairwell, Drawers, the list goes on thanks to its refined fit.


illuminate® is easy to recharge, each strip comes with its own USB wire, which you can plug into any device or adapter, no need for 1000 batteries.


Our smart mounting design allows hassle-free Installation, packed with 2 small magnetic pieces, which you just Peel to reveal the adhesive and Stick on to any surface, then simply attach the Light magnetically!  🧲

Made for efficiency. Save on your energy bill and cancel that electrician job...install in minutes for a lifetime of compliments.

“I had them installed in less than 5 minutes, they're Elegant Yet Practical." - S. Jones