Hygge - What is it? Plus the basics to get you started

Hygge is a lifestyle adopted from the Scandinavian culture that relies on simplicity to create calmness and comfort. Its key principles include appreciating the simple things, being present in the moment, and ensuring everything you own has a meaningful purpose.  Hygee is a lifestyle and embracing it in your home is important. Here are some basics to get you started on your Hygee home.


Stick with neutrals

Think greys, tans, and creams. These colours create a more calming and relaxed mood in your home and are crucial to Hygge principles. 

Hygge Neutral

Add Candles

Adding candles to your space is one of the easiest ways to embrace Hygge. They fill a room with scent and warmth. Try to choose candles based on how the scent makes you feel and opt for more subtle and natural fragrances. 

Candle Decor

Use your fireplace

Let’s be honest, how many times have you actually used your fireplace? In Hygge traditions, it should be a focal point in the home and used as frequently as possible. 

Hygge Fireplace

Keep things minimal

The most important aspect of Hygge is to only buy the essentials. That means basic furniture and décor - and most of all no clutter.  

Hygge Minimalist

Include soft fabrics

Cosiness is key to Hygge so keep this in mind when you’re choosing blankets, rugs, and bedding. Opt for a faux fur rug over a bright jute rug - and a white down comforter over a colourful quilt. 

Hygge Fabrics

Why not add these to your home? 

Premium, Luxury Feel, Minus the Cost and Complexity.